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Submit Matrix (csv)


In this page you can analyze your experiment results by providing relative genes expression data in CSV format.

The provided CSV file is expected to have genes as rows and samples as columns (You need to have more than one sample, if you have only one you can analyze your data by calculating Up/Down regulated genes and submit them as a list of genes in Submit List of Genes). Also the CSV file is expected to have gene IDs (only Affymetrix probe IDs of Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa, Glycine max and Triticum aestivum are Supported for now) as row names and samples names as column names.

Remember that values in the CSV file are expected to be relative, meaning that each gene expression value is the difference between two condition, usually Case-Under-Study Vs. Control. So you need to calculate the relative gene expressions yourself.

After choosing a CSV file using the button Choose File, a colorscheme needs to be chosen; This colorscheme will be used for the results' heatmap.

After providing CSV file and choosing colorscheme, click Submit button to upload the file and run PhysioSpace on your experiment data.