Plant genomes sequenced and published

The curators of the website    attempt to track sequenced plant genomes which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Feel free to contact us if you see any omissions or errors.

Criteria for being listed as a published plant genome

A timeline view and cladogram views for published plant genomes are available as interactive reference resources.

Cladogram views

The cladogram views arrange published plant genomes according to the phylogenetic position of the plant species. The cladograms for flowering and non-flowering plants are displayed separately. The taxonomy for the cladogram views is based on the classification of the

Scientific names were cross-checked against the The lowest taxonomic rank taken into account is the species rank. Genomes of different subspecies or varieties are pooled into a single species. A mouse-over on the scientific name pops up a box with a common name (if available), the estimated genome size and the citations of up to three publications (for plants that have their genomes sequenced multiple times). A click on the cited source of an article links to the full-text publication of that article.

Timeline view

The timeline view displays published plant genomes according to their first publication date. If there are more than one publication for an individual plant species on the same date, the publication with the earliest acceptance date is listed. If a single publication describes several species of the same genus, the genus and spp. (species pluralis) is displayed on the timeline and the corresponding mouse-over tooltip lists the individual species from the publication.
The mouse-over functionality also displays a common name (if available), the estimated genome size and the citation of the first publication. A mouse-click links to the full-text publication.


The views display scientific names of plant species and their phylogenetic position for illustration purpose only. They do not claim to be an authoritative source for correct plant nomenclature and classification. The curators have attempted to the best of their ability to include all published plant genomes (with some minimal criteria). Inclusion of a published plant genome should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the quality of the genome assembly.


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